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How to Create an App That Resonates with Modern Trends and Virality

  • By Jenifer Thamos
  • 18-10-2023
  • Technology

Applications play an important role in our lives, it has made day-to-day tasks, chores, and quick errands organized and smooth. They save us time and energy; you can depend on them for many things. Be it a reminder to drink water, or to maintain your health, notify us about the weather conditions, play music with a single command, and many more.

But that’s not it, applications are not just limited to organizing, scheduling, and playing music for us, there is more to the picture. It has improved business operations and made digital business enhanced and better, resulting in a massive customer base.

There are millions of apps ready to be downloaded from Google and Apple stores. But the question that arises here is, do you just download an app or do you consider some factors? Let’s figure them out;

What Factors Persuade Users To Download Apps?

There are many ways a user is introduced to an app;

  • Necessity is the mother of invention; they might have felt the need.
  • On the recommendations of their peers or colleagues.
  • Simply because it went viral on social media platforms.
  • Smart features that improved their screen time.
  • It was useful in many ways.
  • It was the need of the hour.

But do you know out of all the factors which is the most effective factor that drives users to download the app? The foremost reason is that when apps go viral on social media networks. The more people talk about it and by people, it becomes celebrities and influencers.

The Art Of Making Bug-free Apps; A Dream Of Every Developer

While there is a sea of apps available to download, you will only download the ones that have 4-star or 5-star reviews. An app that has hundreds of positive reviews and the ones that are continuously updated to fix errors and bugs. As per developers, no app or game can be 100% bug-free, but yes, they can be removed with an update.

Moreover, it takes months and years of effort to make an app that can resonate high-quality features and scalable functions.

A Developer's View On Why Apps Get Uninstalled Quick

Billions of people have smartphones and there are millions of apps installed every day. But what matters is the quality of the app that lasts for years on the phones. Some apps are so poorly developed resulting in uninstalls within a week. A study found that around 49% of apps get uninstalled within a day due to poor functions.

Look at the picture below, these are one-star reviews that clearly show that the app needs bug fixes and other updates. Both the developer and the quality assurance team are at fault, they failed even after the update, as stated in the second review.

Therefore, both of these reviews can be taken as an example of why people uninstall the apps. These users seem annoyed and frustrated because if an app fails to meet the user’s needs, it will go in the bin.

Let's learn some reasons why apps get uninstalled;

  • Apps that have pre-installed adware.
  • Apps that lag and load slowly.
  • Too many notifications.
  • Doesn’t show notifications in the panel.
  • Bad UI design with poor accessibility.

Now that you have discovered why people uninstall apps quickly. Let’s highlight what makes apps viral and make a way through user’s hearts.

The Apps/Game Apps Listed Below Have Millions Of Downloads and Reviews.

  • Angry Birds
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Candy Crush
  • Snapchat
  • Duolingo
  • Uber
  • Tinder
  • PUBG
  • Free Fire

This is just a brief list, but if you are wondering what makes them viral all over the world then hand on, we are about to dig that.

Why Do Apps Get Viral? Create App Like TikTok To Become Chart-Topping

There can be many reasons for an app to go viral, it can be its fast loading or the interface, or maybe cool and entertaining features. Let’s take the example of a famous social media app, TikTok. What do you think made it popular? This app was first introduced as and later turned into TikTok.

Moreover, look at these features below, how can one not love the app when it has;

  • Lip-Syncing
  • TikTok Sounds
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Hide Videos You Have Liked
  • Add Favorite Videos
  • Voice-Over
  • Green Screen
  • Filters
  • Duet
  • Comment Filters
  • Restricted Mode
  • Live Stream
  • Hashtags
  • Adding Texts On Photos

All of these features are the reason why such apps get popular in no time. Moreover, apps like TikTok, Dubsmash, and Snapchat go viral because they resonate with what audiences are looking for. Hence, to create an app like TikTok, these features must be considered highly.

What Is The Deal With Instagram App Going Viral?

In addition to this, Instagram is another one of the most popular apps that has billions of active users. Guess why;

  • Users Can Have Verified Badge
  • Interactive Stickers Supporting The Cause
  • Collaboration
  • Pin Comments
  • Reels
  • Famous Sounds From Popular Artist
  • Share Reels On Other Platforms
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Personalized Story Viewing
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Ads
  • Go Live With Favorite Influencers
  • Edit And Use Filters
  • Create Your Own Filter
  • Instagram Creators’ Mode
  • QR Scan
  • Shopping
  • Follow Hashtags

Want more insight on this? Let’s pick out just one feature, Instagram Reels. In January 2023, Instagram had a whooping number of active users around 2 billion. What made it popular? There must be some new updates and features that made it viral.

With that being said, developing apps is no easy job, a developer and designer has to keep the target audience in mind. There is no point in updating if it doesn’t entice the audience. Hence, research and surveys are being done to gather data and collect ideas to make a resourceful and engaging app.

Some Factors A Developer Cannot Miss Out

  • Easy Login
  • Fast Loading
  • No Lags
  • Consume Less Battery
  • Their Download Sizes
  • Security Features
  • Ask For Permission Request Before Making Modifications
  • Interactive UI
  • Smart Features
  • AI Integrations

Furthermore, these are some of the factors that cannot be ignored in order to make apps viral and trending. How about discussing them in detail? hopefully considering them will help you create better apps in the future. App development companies are evergreen, they will prosper greatly in the near future. The demand for trending apps keeps rising and industry giants are all greedy for fame.

How Do Social Apps Get Viral?

There is no chance your smartphone doesn’t have a social media app. These apps play an integral role in our lives and how we perceive the world. Social media apps are not just for fun, people are earning millions by simply posting a single picture.

In addition to this, these apps are so engaging that businesses have started using them to enhance their digital marketing.

Moreover, social media apps are all in for viral marketing, ever heard of viral marketing?

Viral App Marketing- Key Ingredients To Make App Successful

The word viral has been used for some of the diseases that have gone viral, such as the viral flu, or an eye infection. Just like viral disease can be spread by contacting the infectious person, the same is true with viral marketing.

Thus, viral marketing also works the same, it also spreads through what we call, Word Of Mouth. Some promotional methods are being used to create a buzz around the town. Similarly, to make an app viral, marketing managers of app development companies focus on creating strategies that help in making apps viral.

Top Strategies That Make The App Viral Like A Fire

To turn the app into a valuable product, marketing teams from app development companies look for creative ways to make apps viral. Why not earn profits after years of hectic schedules and energy consumed developing apps?

1. Memes

A very promising way to make apps viral. It is the most powerful and effective method to let millions of active users know about your app. With the right keyword research, app marketing can be effective. When you target the keywords, there is a high chance the meme gets noticed by the search engine.

Before you launch the app, you can use the behind-the-scenes moments and turn them into memes using the right template. Share them on social media platforms, on groups, use Twitter, and join developer’s community groups.

2. Ads

Ads are not always a nuisance for the users, all it requires is to use the right medium for the ad to be pop-up. Take an example here; a student is scrolling through any educational website, and an ad pops up, “having difficulty in looking for meanings”? here is the solution. Download this Thesaurus App and learn new words every day.

That’s how you target the audience by choosing the right medium for ad popups.

3. Rewards

Who doesn't love freebies, to make sure that your app is getting enough shares and downloads, you have to offer the users something in return. It’s a give-and-take world, take an example of a famous Chinese e-commerce platform, AliExpress.

Look at this screenshot, it has an Earn By Sharing option, so when a user shares the apps, they are rewarded with a free spin which has unlimited coupons and rewards. These rewards can be used for shopping, how amazing is that? This is why their app is being loved and downloaded by millions of people for the sake of rewards.

4. Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing works like a fire in the jungle, they upload something new and all the followers go crazy. What businesses now do is look for highly followed influencers with millions and thousands of followers. They collaborate and in return, the influencer creates top-quality and promising content for the app.

Let’s take an example, you follow an influencer on Instagram, they have uploaded a reel on how their life has been sorted using this XYZ app. Now that followers trust them, they will instantly hit the “Get The App” link and download.

That’s how it works, the cherry on top moment is when the influencer is given a code. These referral codes can help users get away with the waiting list to unlock some premium features. Either way, the apps get a download and the influencer gets their commission.

5. AR and VR Integration

Artificial Intelligence is the future, this technological advancement has helped ease our lives while making it advanced. How?
When it comes to app development, AR and VR cannot be left behind. Both of these can help enhance the User Experience and make it engaging as well.

For example, a makeup brand has launched its app for better customer engagement. One thing that women fear is spending money on the wrong shade. Imagine spending a hefty amount of $50 and it turns out to be a wrong match.

Here comes the savior, with the help of AR women can try all the makeup products as if they are doing it in real life. That’s how apps become engaging and get shares. Women are a perfect medium of word of mouth, their words spread faster than Usain Bolt’s speed.
As a result, if the app is found satisfying one woman, sit back and relax, you don’t need to wait any further. A storm of women will download the app, with that being said, your app is viral.

Wrapping up

To end the blog, this was all about how to create an app that can meet the modern world’s demand and become viral. If you are a business, a newly launched brand, or a small business, make sure that whatever app development company you choose, discuss these factors with them. Hopefully, your app will have those elements that will help it make it engaging and viral.

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