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Top Five Latest Technology Trends In Schools

  • By Emila Hales
  • 22-01-2020
  • Technology

No doubt the technology should be an essential element in classrooms. The technology is evolving with every passing moment. So, the teachers are challenged to decide what's new in classes. Most of the time, it's hard for the teachers to recognize the most relevant and innovative changes in the school.

Several advanced educational tools have been created to empower education. It is a way to encourage collaboration among educators and students. Some of them are as follows:


Edmodo is an educational tool that allows instructors and students to communicate with each other as a social media network. In this one, instructors can make online groups collaborate. The teacher can also manage and provide educational materials to figure out student performance. On the other side, the teacher can talk with their parents.


Socrative is a framework that enables educators to make practices or instructive games. The students can solve these exercises by using digital devices, regardless of whether cell phones, laptops, or tablets. The teacher can see the performance of the pupils against tasks. So, he/she can take a step forward to make the activities easy or difficult according to the performance of students.


Projeqt is a tool that enables you to make multimedia presentations with outstanding slides. In which you can integrate Google maps, links, online tests, audio-video recordings, and many other options. During class timing, tutors can share the presentations which can be visualized on different devices.


Thinglink enables instructors to make interactional pictures with music, sounds, messages, and photos. These can be shared on different sites or informal communities, for example, Twitter and Facebook. Thinglink provides the facility to instructors to make such activities that stir the interest of students. Through intelligent substances that can grow their insight.

School management system:

The electronic school management system is a blend of various modules. It enables an organization to deal with its information on an advanced framework. It is a cloud-based system that enables its users to interconnect with one another. School software such as ESM, Fekara, and Fedana has several features. For example, keeping up records of understudies, attendance, sending SMS or messages to guardians, and some more.

Running a school isn't a simple task in this age on the grounds that the challenge is too hard. Each organization needs a management system to handle the requirements of this era. The school software lets a mobile app developer to oversee everything under one rooftop. It will be useful for all school beings, understudies, educators, staff, head, and guardians.


cK-12 is a website that reduces the cost and burden of books in the whole world. The site has an open-source interface that permits making and conveying informative material. Through the internet, which can be altered with time. It also contains recordings, sounds, and creative activities. It can be printed and consent to the fundamental article guidelines in every district. The books that are made in cK-12 can be adjusted to the requirements of any instructor or pupil.


Kahoot! is an educational tool that depends on games and questions. Through this platform, teachers can make group discussions and surveys to fulfill the academic needs. The material is presented in the classroom and queries are answered by students while playing and learning at the same time. Kahoot advances game-based learning, which builds student's commitment and creates a dynamic, social, and fun, instructive condition.

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