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7 Steps For Marketing On Social Media With Video Testimonials

  • By Aleksi Halsas
  • 29-01-2020
  • Social Media

Social media refers to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and other such websites. These are websites with millions of users worldwide, who share information, pictures, and videos with their friends and followers. Apart from individuals, even companies can use social media. A business can open a social media account to interact with its present and future customers. Companies can even do marketing on social media.

One of the best ways to market is through word of mouth using the recommendation of customers. Video testimonials are a form of word of mouth, where a customer talks about his experiences using a product in a video. A company can effectively use these video testimonials on social media to carry out marketing. The following are seven steps for marketing on social media using video testimonials.

Step 1: Approach the Customer

The first thing to do when you want to use customer testimonials is to approach a customer. If you are a new company, you can approach anyone. If you are in the business for a long time, it is best you approach a customer who is loyal to your firm. Approach a customer who was been with you for many years and is satisfied with your services. When you find such customers, look for the one who is active on social media, since your objective is to use social media for marketing.

Step 2: Plan the Video

Once the customer has agreed to provide the testimonial on video, you need to plan the video. Customers can shoot the video themselves using their mobile phones or other devices but this doesn’t look professional. It is advisable that a company records the video and is best if done by a professional. The video needs to be planned. The timing of the video, what it would cover, and what type of recording and editing is needed should be planned.

A script for the video should be prepared. This is just a guideline to follow. The customer can refer the script to know what to say and in what order to present it. The customer should not read from the script but should speak naturally. This would make the video look natural and genuine.

Step 3: Shoot the Video

The video should be ideally recorded in the customers’ home or office, where the customer uses the product. Shooting outdoors or in a studio makes it look like a promotional ad. A video testimonial is not an ad but a review of a product by a customer. To make it authentic and credible, it must be shot in natural settings. The details of the customer must be provided in the video. It is important to make the customer comfortable while shooting the video.

Step 4: Release the Video

Once the video is recorded, it can be edited. Different clips can be joined together in editing. Special effects can be added with text and graphics. The idea is to make a professional video that looks natural yet impresses anyone who watches it. Once the video is ready, it can be released. The best way to do this is by posting it on the website of the company on the home page. The video can also be uploaded on a video sharing website like YouTube. The company can create its own YouTube account to do it. This will make it easy to share the video on other platforms.

Step 5: Share the Video on Your Social Media Site

The most important step is to share the video on social media. Once released on the website or a video sharing site, the video testimonial needs to be shared on all social media platforms. There are two ways of doing this. One is that you share the video on your social media platform. This can be done by sharing a link from your website or by posting the video on the social media site.

The best way of sharing is by requesting the customer who has given the video testimonial to share it on his social media account. You can then share the customer’s post/video through your platform. This not only ensures the video is shared, but it also ensures focus on the customer. It gives the impression that the video is the customer’s opinion and you are just sharing it for the benefit of others.

Step 6: Promote the Video on Social Media

Once the video is shared, it needs to be promoted, so more and more people view it. This can be done by regularly sharing the video. Another way is to give a link to the social media platform on other promotional material (like ads and posters). This helps to bring traffic to the social media site. The best way to promote the video testimonials on social media is to take the help of Trustmary.

These are people who have thousands of followers. When they share your video, it would reach more people. Most platforms allow paid promotions, where you can promote your video testimonial by paying a fee for it. This will help you increase the reach of the video and reach out to more number of potential customers.

Step 7: Engage with People on Social Media

Once you share anything on social media, you will receive comments from your followers or any social media user. You must remember than any of them may be a potential customer. The strategy for success in social media marketing is to engage with people. Respond to everyone who comments on your video. If they comment negatively, try to find out why they are unhappy by sending a message. I appreciate those who share positive comments. Answer all the questions asked. This kind of engagement helps you to win over customers on social media.

The above 7 steps can help you market your product on social media by using video testimonials. Following these steps can help you carry out your marketing effort in a highly effective way. Hire skilled mobile app developer who has skilled knowledge about mobile app development.

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