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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App In Kuwait?

  • By Roopam Sinha
  • 25-07-2019
  • Mobile Apps

How much does it cost to develop an app in Kuwait? As one of the leading mobile app development company in Kuwait, we, DxMinds more often hear this question. So, the main purpose of this blog is to make the query clearer.

Mobile applications have got a prominent role in today’s market. As anything and everything is going digital, one has to adopt some digital strategies to enhance their business. And when it comes to the digital transformation of business, Mobile Apps are the best.

Kuwait city, the capital city of Kuwait host a wide number of mobile app developers in the country. Its advancement in technology keeps on attracting investors and potential customers to make random experiments in the area of technology. Mobile app development companies in Kuwait plays an important role in determining the success of many start-ups and enterprises in the city.

When it comes to developing an app, the requirements may vary. The requirement of an E-Commerce app will not be the same for a Food delivery app. There are many factors which determine the factors of app development. With the variation in the requirements, differs the app development cost. So it will be a hard task to determine the app development cost without taking these factors in to account.

The main factors determining the app development cost are the app requirements, app platforms, app size, UI/UX, app locations, Add-on Features, services and maintenance etc. Though we are discussing the general criteria mobile app development cost, depending up on the development company the price may vary.

Let’s start discussion. App requirements are the major thing when it comes to the cost determination. One has to clearly find out what it is to get integrated to their app. The features depends on the app. The app need to be customized based on the requirements. For example one need to integrate Artificial Intelligence to the mobile app when it demands that or one don’t need to invest huge amount on Blockchain if his app is in need of that. As integrating these technologies cost high, one needs to be pretty much choosy while going for these stuffs. Various other technologies such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Chatbot etc. are available for integration based on the requirements.

Artificial Intelligence is man-made intelligence where the system is trained to think by its own intelligence and letting them end up in making appropriate decisions. The application of Artificial Intelligence varies from self driving cars to drones, digital assistants and vacuum cleaners. In the future the application of artificial intelligence will be extended to such a level where they are used to enhance our way of living. Experiments are widely been conducted at rocket speed to investigate the possibility of AI’s application in the areas of health care, space, military etc. Even in mobile applications, when AI is integrated, its productivity get consistently increased.

Blockchain is a widely adopted technology where it deals with creation of smart contracts, smart ledgers, crypto currency etc. Blockchain technology is used in mobile apps when it comes to ensure trust and transparency. As blockchain is a decentralized technology, the computers connected to it send data which are saved as blocks. Collection of these blocks forms a chain and it is called as blockchain technology. Each block are made after the network sends a right answer to the mathematical question raised. If majority of the system come up with the right answer, then the transaction will be considered as valid. Blockchain has got wide application when it comes to certification and contract formations. As the data in blockchain are un editable, colleges uses blockchain technologies as a medium to issue certificate to tits students. This prevents the fraudulent activities and further malpractices. These certificates are easily accessible from any part of the globe.

Internet of things, also known as IoT is a technology where anything and everything are connected to a internet and are controlled using a smart device. These smart devices can be smart phone, tablets, and event laptops. The main advantage of IoT is that it the devices connected to its network can be accessed and controlled from anywhere across the globe. IoT are basically a circuit of sensors which are interlined with internet. The main purpose of the sensors is to generate data from the devices and transmit it to the main controlling device as per requirement. It is this data that get moderated and processed by the controlling device to access accordingly. With IoT comes wide application of smart homes, smart campuses, smart city, industrial automation etc. IoT enabled mobile apps are also available in the market which can be a real asset in digital transformation.

Machine Learning is the code which is used to create Artificial Intelligence. From the name itself its pretty clear that it’s a process through which the machine is trained to learn by itself. Machine Learning can be applied in areas where there needs less intervention of human beings, so that the machines can analyse and make appropriate decisions, just the way humans does. This helps in creating high-grade robots which are used to diffuse mines in the border, cleans the manholes etc thereby ensuring safety and better way of living for human beings. Machine Learning enabled mobile applications comes up with wide applications. Though they are pretty much costly compared to normal mobile applications, the impact they crate on the market is unimaginable.

Augmented reality is the process of creating and placing virtual objects and blending them to the real world. Augmented Reality works with the help of smart phone by making use of its camera. The AR app uses the smart phone camera to scanned place the virtual object in real time. These objects can be anything depending up on the program. The viral mobile game Pokémon go is an adoption of Augmented Reality, where the app uses camera to collect the virtual Pokémon which was only visible in the phone camera. AR is widely used these days to enhance the customer experience. It is used in the mobile app by retailer giants IKEA for their customers to trail furniture without really purchasing them. E-Commerce mobile apps are the wide adapters of Augmented Reality.

When it comes to virtual reality, what it differs from Augmented reality is that it requires a VR headset to interact with the virtual objects. VR is literally a 360 degree virtual feast. It enhances the whole gaming and entertainment experience by taking the users to a virtual world. Virtual Reality is widely been adopted in the educational sectors to make learning fun, easy and smooth. VR is also used to train amateur employees. Wide adoption of VR in health sector resulted in the increased life expectancy of people. VR apps are the best if your industry domain is somewhat related to education, entertainment or training.

Chatbots are fused to a mobile app with the intention of enhancing the customer relationship management. Wide ranges of Chatbots are available in the market. AI enabled Chatbots, NLP Chatbots, HR Chatbot; Sales Chatbot etc are some of them. Chatbot enabled mobile apps helps customers in solving out their queries in the least time possible.

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