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IOS vs Android Development: 7 Key Differences between Android & iOS

According to the worldwide software developer study, 87% of software engineers prefer working with Android OS in 2021, and Apple iOS delightfully takes second place as the highly valued working system for software improvement, with 60% of all the respondents. Speaking of users, in obedience to the worldwide mobile OS market share survey, almost 72% of users apply to Android and about 28% prefer iOS for July 2022. By 2025, the number of worldwide users is expected to grow to almost 5,5 million due to Statista’s research. It means that iOS vs Android development are highly demanded nowadays and will continue to increase its popularity. As a result of the enduring iOS vs Android development confrontation, it is extremely complicated simply to come up with the proper decision, but anyway let's try to discover the key differences between Android and iOS development along with settling on the ideal possible option. And so, towards the very end of this particular post, it will be clear what OS establishment is more convenient and cheaper, how the iOS app is truly made, and what tools are superior nowadays for Android OS development.

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