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7 Must-Have Features For Successful Android Apps Development

The prominence of Android app development in business industries such as social media, messaging, e-commerce, on-demand, and enterprise apps is undeniable. Statistics show that, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Google Play generated a global download rate of 27.5 billion apps. As a result, Android app developers must remain relentlessly dedicated when integrating important features, paying attention to even the minutest details, as the competition is fierce. The challenge is finding the balance between utilizing new technologies and legacy systems, deciding between an in-house development team or outsourcing to an Android application development company, meeting business requirements, and managing a budget, marketing, and maintenance. A precise decision-making process is integral to avoiding any potential errors.

The Essential Features You Should Add For Android App Development

Simple and User-Friendly Interface: It is essential to ensure that your Android application is user-friendly, with a simple and sophisticated user interface. It is beneficial to create a straightforward and intuitive design for android app development that users can navigate through with just a few taps to ensure the success of your app. Furthermore, providing shortcuts to vital functions can help streamline user journeys and create a positive impression of the app within minutes of use.

Fast Loading Speed: During Android app development, it is essential to prioritize the loading speed. It should not exceed 10-15 seconds. The loading speed should remain responsive and functional at all times. If these guidelines are not followed, the application may fail to impact the market.

Support Multiple Languages: With the global reach of the Google Android store, app owners can make their products available to users across the globe. While this is an exciting prospect, it also requires consideration that not all users are native English speakers. App localization ensures maximum reach and a potential 26% increase in revenue. This feature involves translating the app into languages such as Mandarin, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, English, French, German, and Spanish based on the target audience. App localization is thus essential for app owners to capitalize on the potential of the Google Android store.

SignUp/Login: The registration page should be simple and concise to ensure a pleasant user experience. It should only require the user to submit their name, mobile number, email address, and address (if needed). The users feel overwhelmed by answering too many questions or a long form, which may lead to frustration and irritation. It is crucial to keep the registration page as minimal as possible to prevent such an occurrence.

Size of the app: Mobile devices come with limited resources, making it essential to use little resources as possible to ensure user satisfaction. Storage is valuable, so developers should ensure that their app takes up the small space on users' devices. The smaller the app size, the better. The updates should also be of small size and efficient as possible. To avoid storage constraints, developers can opt to use cloud-based devices.

Social Media Integration: Integrating and connecting to social media platforms is essential to promoting an Android app, as they are some of the most effective and efficient marketing tools available. One can promote the app, provide information regarding updates and allow users to give feedback on their app experience by connecting to channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Support and User Feedback: Including a support and user feedback section during Android app development has several benefits. Not only does this encourage users to leave ratings and feedback, but it also provides valuable insight into what is succeeding or failing in the app. This feature assists developers in identifying issues and making changes to create a better user experience. Furthermore, it demonstrates the app owner and development assistant's commitment to their product and its users. With this feature, any potential issues, such as missing attributes or bugs, can be highlighted and addressed.

Summing Up

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