seek into the future with artificial intelligence

Seek Into The Future with Artificial Intelligence

  • By Purnatoya Pati
  • 27-01-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, the growth in the field of AI is quite constructive as researchers seek to provide more transparency to the algorithms. The research is mostly focusing on the decisions and actions of a human observer. Computer science defines Ai research as “intelligent agents.” The advancement in Ai leads to effectiveness in each and every work. Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending technologies of the current era and learners are keen to learn AI and the best-preferred mode stands to be online Artificial Intelligence Course. This article will help you to know a brief knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. There are various mobile

What is AI?

What do you think about Ai? The simple definition for AI is “The work done by a machine with the help of man-made intelligence is known as Ai.” if we look further deep into this Ai we will get extraordinary and interesting concepts. A small example I will give you that will help you to understand, we all play games on the computer or phone, for some games we can see the option of playing “with computer”. The computer in this scenario will be our machine’s AI, it plays with you according to the predefined algorithm by the developer. There are thousands of mobile application development companies are here.

I hope now you got what is AI, now we will look into why we needed AI.

Why we need AI?

• AI is different from hardware-driven, robotic automation. The difference stands in a scenario like Instead of automating manual tasks, Artificial Intelligence performs frequent, high-volume, computerized tasks reliably and without fatigue.
• AI has the capability of achieving the highest accuracy in the work. And the work done by AI installed machine is more efficient.
• AI adapts through progressive algorithms, which means the algorithm can acts as a classifier in terms of data that is irregular.

If we take an example so that you can understand need of AI, we order products through online, the products that you purchased need to be stored somewhere (Warehouse) so that it can be easily accessible for that we need to get the warehouse to be automated (stored in proper order), it is so hard to arrange proper order, what you think for this problem? It can be done by giving a barcode to the product, then we can access our product easily, the whole process of giving barcode to particular objects so that they can retrieve is done with the help of AI Algorithms.

I hope, the example helps why we need Ai in the aspect, but there are numerous ways where we need AI.

How AI works?

Artificial Intelligence works in different ways in the present day situations mostly all machines are doing more work when compared to human work. AI works basically on the problems and approaches in such a way so that the problem can be solved efficiently.

Mostly AI works on algorithms for problems to be solved and smaller algorithms are made with high efficiency and are capable of solving problems effectively. Artificial Intelligence has stretched its roots to various other domains like Machine Learning, Data Science. In the verge of this, learners and professionals tend to enroll in Machine Learning and Data Science Courses so gain inference and master the technology in order to secure their dream job.

Several different approaches are there in AI that is used for various purposes in industry, home appliances, and research.

Examples: ALEXA (robot which has equivalent to human intelligence).


The article highlights the importance of Ai and how it solves the problems and also what AI is. The article has few examples that help you to understand the need of Ai. It also highlights the various areas where Ai plays a vital role.

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